Thursday, May 29, 2014


heat, sun,
a balmy breeze
caressing arms with no sleeves
flowing dresses
lady writing in a straw hat
man reading
laptops open
laptops closed
tables adorned with beers
sometimes coffee
heads down
forward, focused
heads up
a face pensive waiting for a friend

necks crane forward
scrutinizing screens
drained heads on one side figuring out what it all means...
hands animated

heads nodding uncomplaining
different color heads of hair
no one stares
who cares?

tattoos, glances, trances,
interesting stances eliciting ladies glances
they hide behind dark frames where they look discreetly in vain
buses pullup right outside
how do they feel as they watch us inside
outside having fun in the sun
the straw hat looks up; she smiles
what a style

Isaac Maimon "Cafe Paris 2010"

Isaac Maimon "Cafe Paris 2010"

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