Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Perfect Storm

Dusk is falling quietly outside
As lovers bond tightly inside  
Uninterrupted by the outside wonder
Moaning to the tune of rumbling thunder

They're vaguely aware of the pouring rain
Drops trickling down the window pane
Completely engaged and unaware
Those outside tears may soon be theirs

Amid the gently rolling thunder
tongues explore each others wonder
Synapses fire tingles of delight
Triggered by kisses and gently bites

He diligently indulges upon her wetness
As she writhes trembling and breathless
She glistens more with each caress
Feeling sensations words fail to express

She gasps with oh such sweet delight
As she feels her body about to take flight
She arches her back to raise her mound
He's pleased to discovers what he has found

Lightening illuminating  with gentle flickers
His tongue dancing upon her so much quicker
Sounds of her moaning fill the air
Bringing waves of ecstacy into their lair

His tongue entices her with sensuous kisses
His forbidden muse tastes so delicious
She is aching for his throbbing hardness
Feeling him stiffen in the darkness

He moves up beside her gasping for air
And draws her nearer gently pulling her hair
His tongue knows what her neck desires
Her response sends their bodies on fire

She gently moves herself above him
And guides him gently to fill her within
Rocking back and forth at her leisure
She indulges by watching his pleasure

After being deep inside for a while
He looks upon her with a knowing smile
He rolls her over just in time
And thrusts her deeply with love sublime

She squeezes him tightly to his delight
As he thrusts harder with all his might
He feels her pulsating under him
Upon which he explodes deep within

Kissing deeply teasing with tongues
Both at peace for moments to come
Slowly drifting into timeless space
She wakes eager for more to taste

Her hand reaches down and gently plays
Lightly teasing him in a blissful haze
She hears a gasp and feels him stiffen
Her tongue sees him begin to glisten

Oh my she's so hungry to taste
As she fills her mouth with gentle grace
Tantalizing and teasing him with her tongue
Turned on again as she feels him succumb

He arches his back to raise his hips
But he's firmly held down by her grip
Her tongue glides slowly along his shaft
She's deeply aroused by erotic gasps

She so enjoys this forbidden fruit
But oh so yearns the expelled loot
Tasting the juices with long loving licks
Caressing his thighs with her finger tips

She feels him writhe and sigh beneath
Oh such tension about to release
She tightens her grip that commands his load
She hears his cry as he slowly explodes

She contines to taste as his thighs quiver
The unnoticed chill makes them shiver
Beneath the blankets they embrace
They're bodies mold with such grace.

In each other's arms their minds wander
As they slowly drift with the distant thunder
Forbidden love is such a pleasure
A perfect storm that lasts forever

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