Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Beast - An Ode to Mount Tam

They quietly approached her at the crack of dawn
As she slumbers through this dark wet morn
Lightly footed they go a creeping
Careful not to disturb her sleeping

Will she fight so much today
Or will they keep her ire at bay..
Their legs a'trembling brows dripping in sweat
Alert and skittish trying to not fret

Ignoring the pounding in their chests
Approaching slowly is always best
They look up in awe at her dark face
Knowing to treat her with respect and grace

Silently cautiously they lunge up the stairs
Nervously climbing towards her lair.
Confusing them with awkward turns
Watching them check their way with concern

Taming the beast is such a feat
Many who try end in defeat
She shrouds herself in the sea mist
Teasing strangers with tricky turns and twists

The locals know the beast well
It's only strangers to whom she gives hell
She lays in wait for her opponents
Surprising them with heart-stopping moments

Chests start to loosen and they feel on track..
Dancing around obstacles along her back..
They're feeling strong and full of grace
They enter a trance with their quicker pace

But then in the middle of feeling great
They start to sense her full of hate
Her cold damp breath they suddenly feel
Cooling their skin to a deathly chill

Along the hackles of her long dark back
They start feeling her spit and crack
Pressing on aware of her hidden dangers
She heaves and bellows at these strangers

Showered with spit and deafened by wails
Relentlessly they continue climbing her trails
Breathing heavier legs a'cramping
Counting up the miles trampen'd

Holding on to her rearing contours
Sweating wondering what they're here for
Taming the beast is the usual reply
Love and respect for her grow by the miles

She offers them a brief reprieve
And they wonder if they've put her at ease
She calms a little with quiet warm breaths
Allowing them to continue on with their quest

She often pauses for a short while
That apparently is her usual style
Oh they're beginning to know her well!
This cunning but beautiful beast from hell

As the morning sun reveals her beauty
They finish like soldiers after a tour of duty
She calmly watches them descend her side
Licking them graciously with warmth and pride

Green and majestic is her dominant profile
They miss her turn away and her they'll-be-back smile
She patiently watches across the bay and sea
Waiting for more runners lured by her beauty

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