Saturday, October 1, 2011


They wanted to capture what was lost 
Both unaware of the hidden cost 
Mesmerized by their new connection 
But ambivalent about their direction 

She felt his leg against her thigh 
Sending her on an immediate high 
He felt her gently lean against him 
Arousing new feelings deep within 

She pressed against him on the street 
He loved the feel of such a treat 
Like wild teenagers on a dare 
They kissed in public upon a stair 

He wanted more with his tongue 
She teases him of more to come 
They're both dazed by new romance 
They venture homeward in a trance 

New thrills filled that empty space 
They had found that special place 
What was wrong felt so right 
Forbidden love they couldn't fight 

She warns him of impending danger 
But he's mesmerized by this stranger 
And eager to please his new treasure 
She grants his wish with reciprocal pleasure 

Expressing their pleasure deep within 
Gently carassing each other's skin 
Lovers blind to the sword overhead 
Precariously swinging over their bed 

The sword is suspended by a hair 
No strings attached they'd declare 
Until they felt like never before 
Sensually binding as they explore 

Forbidden secrets hang by a thread 
Like the sword above their heads 
The blade of the sword is so sharp 
Laying in wait to tear them apart 

Oblivious to the danger looming ahead 
Dancing to sweet music in their heads 
Her love for passion is her prowess 
Captivated he is by this temptress 

But Damocles sword glimmers above 
Now he knows he's in forbidden love 
Light from the sword catches his eye 
Catching him by startling surprise 

He aches for what he really wants 
But a guilty voice quietly taunts 
He relunctantly lets his muse go 
They tightly embrace as tears flow 

But Damocles sword can never sever 
Memories of passion that last forever 
A love that lives until both lovers die 
Existing in parallel in their mind's eye 

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