Saturday, October 1, 2011


Darkness is falling without delay
As she wakes in her silent room
Led lights signal yet another day
More hours of persistent gloom

There's no reflection in her mirror
She only sees her invisible face
She misses all those who saw her
Perceiving her youth as full of grace

Alone she wonders around the shops
Everybody is busily running around
The faceless crowds cease to stop
Nobody hearing her silent sound

Nobody stopping just moving around
heads with no eyes blank and blind
Oblivious to others' sights and sounds
They fail to see her tumultuous mind

Nobody stopping, just running around
Mouthless heads utter useless words
Always mute to each other's sounds
She's so weary of this restless herd

She wonders why they never call
How did she become so invisible
Just always talking to a brick wall
They never listen to one syllable

Making her way towards the midspan
She silently scales the four foot fence
What a beautiful day for such a plan
Will the faceless crowd express lament

There she ponders for a little while
A passerby stops and yells hey
The shimmering sheet greets her smile
She's already in the deep blue bay

The unknown neighbors below her floor
Had never heard her dog before
The frantic bark could not be ignored
The next morning they called the law

Coast-guards found her along the shore
The heart ripped from her aorta
But really she'd gone years before
Nobody said a word not one iota

The paper makes an inch long story
Neighbors silently shake their heads
Mutter platitudes reading her obituary
She was always so quiet they said

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