Monday, September 12, 2011

Breaking Free

A cool morning breeze awakens me 
An open gate catches my eye 
A galloping horse approachs me 
I'm fearless as it thunders by 

I stare in wonder at this horse 
In awe of its muscular splendor 
Strong and sure of its course 
It leaves me alone to wonder 

Who is this magnificent galloping horse 
Thats roaming around so wild 
So free of reins but right on course 
Leaves me feeling like a lost child 

Who is this mysterious galloping horse 
And what is it escaping 
What spurred this beast on its course
Does it have a destination 

A random thought startles me 
Like a sudden clap of thunder 
Is this horse what I want to be 
I look ahead and wonder 

The galloping horse now out of sight 
A mere apparition in mind 
Finally unbridled from my night 
I am that ghostly horse of mine 

No one is riding or guiding me 
Unrestrained by reins I find 
Why couldn't I just ever see 
The past was always behind

"Unrestrained by Reins" 

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