Friday, September 2, 2011


The laughing clowns are everywhere
The audience just stop and stare
Their large baggy pants look ridiculous
Yet the style remains so ubiquitous

Oblivious to the never ending circus
The audience remains without purpose
They look up to their current messiah
Who just turns into another liar

These circus clowns are just too slick
The audience miss yet another trick
The clowns get by it's no surprise
When faces gaze with such blind eyes

Throwing the audience pieces of bread
How they love to be mindlessly fed
Obediently applauding for an encore
Clowns simply comply and sling some more

A silent audience and chattering box
Mouths wide open absorbing the plot
Blaming their lot on the union man
Asking the bank for a helping hand

Clowns play the audience another tune
Will the audience sing along so soon?
They'll watch and obey each circus act
Without a clue of the hidden facts

Clowns repeating the same old verse
Different tune but same old words
The audience singing in perfect time
Reciting each verse like a nursery rhyme

They gravitate towards ringing bells
And listen to warnings of impending hell
Happy to engage in mindless rituals
Oh bizarre behavior is so habitual

Watching closely the clown on stage
Hanging on to every word of praise
How can they believe in the silly hat?
And be so comforted by silly acts

Monday morning as the clock stricks nine
They'll waste an hour of company time
They'll gasp at the sight of falling stocks
And wonder why the farce won't stop

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