Friday, September 2, 2011

Ode to an Orchid

In her hand her orchid settles
Exposing stamens with open petals
His erotic charm seducing her so
A tear of sentiment softly flows

She's mesmerized by his full bloom
But knowing how they'll part soon
This intimate moment will surely pass
She's sad her orchid will not last

Petals comfort with an open gaze
His beauty continuing to amaze
Impressions will always stay in mind
How beauty follows never far behind

She leaves behind her open flower
Drawn she is by this orchids power
Open petals assure with confidence
Her orchid will always be present

She seeks her orchids resting place
Returning to only an empty space
Her heart skips a momentary beat
Until she remembers last night's treat

She hears the orchid's whisper near
Telling her how he's always here
Images are all she needs in mind
And there her orchid she will find

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