Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I hear a distant calling 
Echoing sadly from the sea 
Forboding darkness is falling 
And starts to worry me 

I see a smart dressed stranger 
Waiting under a lonely light 
An ex-lover long estranged 
Is oblivious to my sight 

I wonder if he'll see me 
Do I want him to 
Feelings stir inside me 
As I wonder what to do 

I approach his lonely shadow 
The soft glow fades to dark 
I'm feeling I should go now 
As I doubt my change of heart 

Quietly hoping that we'll meet 
At the place we were before 
But all I see are empty seats 
I'll seek his love no more 

I wake up to an open sky 
Wilted roses 'round my head 
Did my ex-lover drop by 
While I laid asleep in bed 

Crissy Fields Fog

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