Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Play

A few more hours of this charade
As she performs her act on stage
Crowds dutifully give polite applause
The play repeats like a broken record

It never used to feel this way 
She always welcomed another day 
Emptiness awaits after each engagement 
Now she's lost to love estrangement 

She wakes up aching every morning 
Throat hardening without warning 
She breaks a smile on the outside 
A silent scream hurts deep inside 

Tears are not permitted to flow 
Forbidden love must never show 
She presents a happy smiling face 
Until she finds her secret place 

There alone she can truly be real 
And allow her feelings to reveal 
Long hidden tears offer slight relief 
From her continuous ache of grief 

Like her play she hopes its unreal 
Alas her mind is rarely still 
He is what she most desires 
His passion used to set her on fire 

She yearns for him to make her fly 
Life is passing her aimlessly by
Craving for just another mind dance 
She performs each act in a trance 

Alone with him she was truly complete 
Another's love will never replete 
So real was their love connection 
How will she move beyond his rejection 

Memories meander through endless nights
Since he abandoned their short flight
She feels their limbs entwined in her bed 
As she plays with fantasies in her head 

She replays scenes of moments gone by 
Against a backdrop of a living lie 
Will her play ever reach a conclusion 
Or are dreams a constant illusion

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