Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Old Times

She never asked for a band of gold
Big house, two kids and life old
She'd rather die young and agile
Than old and cold feeling fragile

Sitting still with memories past
Just waiting for the next task
Getting out the sodding chair
Life's become such a nightmare

Able bodied in a strange land
Waking again is hard to stand
When will this nonsense end?
How much longer can she pretend?

Here we go again, another day
Bus is late again says the display
Hello Mrs Brown how are you
Hips ache as usual, shoulder too

To the doctors for a checkup
Another x-ray, what the fuck
Aching knees and back brittle
She pours a drink alas not little

She swallows a little from her glass
Memories unfold of a love long past
A tear trickles down her cheek
If he could only hear her speak

But speak she may he'll never hear
He's long gone over a year my dear
She listens for him hard at night
And tries to feel him hold her tight

But when she finally falls asleep
Into her dreams he quietly creeps
They talk and dance the night away
But in the morning he never stays

She wakes alone with a start
Damn let it be real she imparts
Who is this lady old as can be
Is she my fear deep in me

Montmartre Antique Shop Window, Paris

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Beast - An Ode to Mount Tam

They quietly approached her at the crack of dawn
As she slumbers through this dark wet morn
Lightly footed they go a creeping
Careful not to disturb her sleeping

Will she fight so much today
Or will they keep her ire at bay..
Their legs a'trembling brows dripping in sweat
Alert and skittish trying to not fret

Ignoring the pounding in their chests
Approaching slowly is always best
They look up in awe at her dark face
Knowing to treat her with respect and grace

Silently cautiously they lunge up the stairs
Nervously climbing towards her lair.
Confusing them with awkward turns
Watching them check their way with concern

Taming the beast is such a feat
Many who try end in defeat
She shrouds herself in the sea mist
Teasing strangers with tricky turns and twists

The locals know the beast well
It's only strangers to whom she gives hell
She lays in wait for her opponents
Surprising them with heart-stopping moments

Chests start to loosen and they feel on track..
Dancing around obstacles along her back..
They're feeling strong and full of grace
They enter a trance with their quicker pace

But then in the middle of feeling great
They start to sense her full of hate
Her cold damp breath they suddenly feel
Cooling their skin to a deathly chill

Along the hackles of her long dark back
They start feeling her spit and crack
Pressing on aware of her hidden dangers
She heaves and bellows at these strangers

Showered with spit and deafened by wails
Relentlessly they continue climbing her trails
Breathing heavier legs a'cramping
Counting up the miles trampen'd

Holding on to her rearing contours
Sweating wondering what they're here for
Taming the beast is the usual reply
Love and respect for her grow by the miles

She offers them a brief reprieve
And they wonder if they've put her at ease
She calms a little with quiet warm breaths
Allowing them to continue on with their quest

She often pauses for a short while
That apparently is her usual style
Oh they're beginning to know her well!
This cunning but beautiful beast from hell

As the morning sun reveals her beauty
They finish like soldiers after a tour of duty
She calmly watches them descend her side
Licking them graciously with warmth and pride

Green and majestic is her dominant profile
They miss her turn away and her they'll-be-back smile
She patiently watches across the bay and sea
Waiting for more runners lured by her beauty

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Perfect Storm

Dusk is falling quietly outside
As lovers bond tightly inside  
Uninterrupted by the outside wonder
Moaning to the tune of rumbling thunder

They're vaguely aware of the pouring rain
Drops trickling down the window pane
Completely engaged and unaware
Those outside tears may soon be theirs

Amid the gently rolling thunder
tongues explore each others wonder
Synapses fire tingles of delight
Triggered by kisses and gently bites

He diligently indulges upon her wetness
As she writhes trembling and breathless
She glistens more with each caress
Feeling sensations words fail to express

She gasps with oh such sweet delight
As she feels her body about to take flight
She arches her back to raise her mound
He's pleased to discovers what he has found

Lightening illuminating  with gentle flickers
His tongue dancing upon her so much quicker
Sounds of her moaning fill the air
Bringing waves of ecstacy into their lair

His tongue entices her with sensuous kisses
His forbidden muse tastes so delicious
She is aching for his throbbing hardness
Feeling him stiffen in the darkness

He moves up beside her gasping for air
And draws her nearer gently pulling her hair
His tongue knows what her neck desires
Her response sends their bodies on fire

She gently moves herself above him
And guides him gently to fill her within
Rocking back and forth at her leisure
She indulges by watching his pleasure

After being deep inside for a while
He looks upon her with a knowing smile
He rolls her over just in time
And thrusts her deeply with love sublime

She squeezes him tightly to his delight
As he thrusts harder with all his might
He feels her pulsating under him
Upon which he explodes deep within

Kissing deeply teasing with tongues
Both at peace for moments to come
Slowly drifting into timeless space
She wakes eager for more to taste

Her hand reaches down and gently plays
Lightly teasing him in a blissful haze
She hears a gasp and feels him stiffen
Her tongue sees him begin to glisten

Oh my she's so hungry to taste
As she fills her mouth with gentle grace
Tantalizing and teasing him with her tongue
Turned on again as she feels him succumb

He arches his back to raise his hips
But he's firmly held down by her grip
Her tongue glides slowly along his shaft
She's deeply aroused by erotic gasps

She so enjoys this forbidden fruit
But oh so yearns the expelled loot
Tasting the juices with long loving licks
Caressing his thighs with her finger tips

She feels him writhe and sigh beneath
Oh such tension about to release
She tightens her grip that commands his load
She hears his cry as he slowly explodes

She contines to taste as his thighs quiver
The unnoticed chill makes them shiver
Beneath the blankets they embrace
They're bodies mold with such grace.

In each other's arms their minds wander
As they slowly drift with the distant thunder
Forbidden love is such a pleasure
A perfect storm that lasts forever

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Mask

Where's the fire that burned so bright
Long extinguished by haunted nights
20 mg per day help hide
Unhealed wounds deep inside

The mask does its daily task
Shielding demons from the past
Suspended only for a short while
They lay in wait to spoil a smile

Comfortably they subdue at best
Leaving the host in another fortress
Pain is such an inconvenience
Venting is social deviance

Remaining in a fortress to appease 'em all
But nobody's there to break your fall
Passion suppressed for another day
How much longer who can say?

Sunday, January 15, 2012


A fine young woman dies 
Words of comfort and goodbyes 
Scrolling down a screen of tears 
Distant voices lending ear 

Words failing those apart 
Hundreds unite with broken heart 
Sharing many words of love 
Flying wildly like a dove 

We hear words as if said 
We listen to invisible voices instead 
How can we love who we never heard? 
Young Candy existed behind those words 

Feeling the flow of virtual tears 
At her abrupt end of just a few years 
She made us think and laugh out loud 
And left us reflecting under a cloud 

Her powerful words touched like a hand 
Yes, it's difficult to understand 
Unless you knew a silent friend 
Whose life tragically met a bitter end 

For Candy - RIP

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Silent Minds

Screaming loudly in silence
Getting used to self-reliance
Yelling out loudly - no one cares
They are nothing but just scared

Reminded of their own deaths
No thought for your last breath
Listen to their priest they will
But their minds are never still

Watch them look in all directions
Oh so many introspections!
Easy for them to look away
Thoughts can wait another day

Gotta go here - gotta to do that
No time for your sweet back
Beware the offer when in need
As it arrives they'll quickly recede

As you plough through life in vain
Do lies comfort your dull pain?
Lifeless like a long lost pond
You wonder what the hell went wrong

You lost yourself along the way
Worried about what they'll say?
You never knew what to ask
Answers lost in the distant past

Truth hides deep in your mind
Fearful of what you'll find?
Take a look don't run and hide
Inner voices need to confide