Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lizzy Borden - A Perfect Exit

lizzy borden who were you
way back in 1892

you allegedly took an axe
mother and father you did hack

a grueling trial you withstood
did you do it - it seemed you could

you walked free from the scene
what a relief that must've been

you took with you to the grave
a mystery that still stays

what went on behind that door
we'll never know that's for sure

silent you lay in infamy
are you guilty as can be

does your guilt forever hide
with mother father by your side

Lizzy Borden

Bobcat to Rodeo Valley

A blue-yellow glow left by the slowly falling orb of the golden full moon over the horizon helped light our ascent on Bobcat trail. I look over my shoulder and watch for a moment the headlamps as they twinkle like fairy lights climbing Bobcat Trail. We turn at the final switch back of Bobcat and reach the crest of the hill. The fairy lights slowly dwindle to a flicker as they emerge over the crest and into a dawn that greets us at the top of the trail.

The dark blue sky of night turned into a liquid gold that poured down the hillsides and into Rodeo Valley like pure honey. A morning mist tinged by the warm lilac and orange glow of the sunrise cascaded down the hillsides into the valley floor below.

I stopped and pondered upon this new day emerging over the horizon. The warm glow offered a reprieve from two hours of darkness -- albeit beautiful darkness. But there is always something heavy about the night. The dark blue turning azure signals a new day and lessens the weight of darkness...

The 50 Mile North Face Endurance Challenge 2014

KBE Dec 6, 2014

Friday, April 3, 2015


Azur blue
a fabulous hue
feeling blue?
look up
blue greets you
demure azure
no longer blue
are you