Sunday, January 15, 2012


A fine young woman dies 
Words of comfort and goodbyes 
Scrolling down a screen of tears 
Distant voices lending ear 

Words failing those apart 
Hundreds unite with broken heart 
Sharing many words of love 
Flying wildly like a dove 

We hear words as if said 
We listen to invisible voices instead 
How can we love who we never heard? 
Young Candy existed behind those words 

Feeling the flow of virtual tears 
At her abrupt end of just a few years 
She made us think and laugh out loud 
And left us reflecting under a cloud 

Her powerful words touched like a hand 
Yes, it's difficult to understand 
Unless you knew a silent friend 
Whose life tragically met a bitter end 

For Candy - RIP

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Silent Minds

Screaming loudly in silence
Getting used to self-reliance
Yelling out loudly - no one cares
They are nothing but just scared

Reminded of their own deaths
No thought for your last breath
Listen to their priest they will
But their minds are never still

Watch them look in all directions
Oh so many introspections!
Easy for them to look away
Thoughts can wait another day

Gotta go here - gotta to do that
No time for your sweet back
Beware the offer when in need
As it arrives they'll quickly recede

As you plough through life in vain
Do lies comfort your dull pain?
Lifeless like a long lost pond
You wonder what the hell went wrong

You lost yourself along the way
Worried about what they'll say?
You never knew what to ask
Answers lost in the distant past

Truth hides deep in your mind
Fearful of what you'll find?
Take a look don't run and hide
Inner voices need to confide